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Collaborate with MIPA

The aims of the Malta Image Preservation Archive are simple:

  1. Preserve as much as possible all the available material related to Maltese photographic history, such as equipment, prints, negatives and manuscripts relevant to photography in Malta since 1840.

  2. Lobby aggressively all the relevant authorities to form, with urgency, a National Collection of Maltese photography, as well as establish a Museum of Maltese photography.

All donations are provided against a contract regulating all aspects of ownership, copyright and usage rights; if you prefer not to physically donate the material for safe conservation and preservation, MIPA can arrange that the photographic material is temporarily provided to our digitisation suite to allow high-end digitisation, with the return of the material to the owner promptly, together with a copy of the digital images from the negatives.

For further information contact us on (+356) 9989 8015 or on [email protected].